How to Install Solar Geyser Vacuum Tube?

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Framework installation is reflector surface on how to install solar geyser vacuum tube. Reflector, usually by a stainless steel or other reflective material reflects sunlight to evacuated tube, need to install on the tube. Simple reflective can patches on the manifold. It will remain in the framework. The box vacuum tubes inserted into the frame. Silicon tube silicon grease to prevent scratches, gently insert through the framework of the top and move down, until it is safe to rest on the basis of your frame. Repeat this process as much as possible of evacuated tube heater.

Install valve at the top of the water tank heater. Hot water tank has to be placed in the heating pipe thermo siphon function, the process of heat and less dense water rises instead of cold water, let the water cycle through evacuated tube. Integrated tank framework bolts, and screw bearing surface of the tank chassis. To install a separate tank near the heater of the bearing surface, if the tank is not an integrated type. Confirm the lowest part of the evacuated tube of the tank is higher than the highest point, and the system framework, screws the strongest points of the bearing surface.

Connect the water tank to your vacuum tubes. Run a PVC pipe or hose from your tank at the top of the tube. Run the second tube or hose from the bottom of the tank bottom valve system. Sealed with Teflon tape all connections and according to the need to fill the joint sealant. The cycle will be closed thermo siphon circulation. After reading, Im sure you have a clear mind about how to install solar geyser vacuum tube.?

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