The Rabourne's

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It took approximately 1 year for Garion and Ce'nedra to find a place of there own. It was small and it was cheap but with a little bit of paint and a few decorations it was presentable as a basic home. Obviously compared to Ce'nedra's fine living past it was on the brink of inhabitable but it was all they had to work with for the time being.

It was a small little cottage on the edge of town with a very spacious living area. It definatly had potential. The problem was getting the money in order to show it.
It was quite pretty from the front and gave the appearance of a welcome home. Garion and Ce'nedra decided they would really try their best to make it a happy and loving home. But first they needed to get jobs...

But for now we will just have to let them settle into their house. After all there are many adventures to be had in and around the home...

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RE: The Rabourne's

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Chapter 1- A Hectic Start To A New Life

Moving into a new home has been and always will be hectic. But the move that everyone always remembers is their first. The first time they move into a home of their own and are expected to look after themselves without killing themselves or the people they live with. Garion and Ce'nedra experienced these, but they could honestly say that although it was hectic they were never happier.

As is typical for any new home-owners they lacked in the skills required to run a home. Especially Ce'nedra considering the fact that she had servants do everything for her from a very young age. Therefore she experianced a lot of new things.
From Cooking for the first time.

To sleeping in a new bed with her boyfriend.

Everything was new to her and she had to start with the basics. Luckily she did have quite a bit of common sense and decided to start from the bottom and work her way up. For example, for their first meal she made a Autumn Salad- in order to make sure that there was no risk of fire.

They both decided that in order for them to have a comfortable and completely happy life they would need to learn how to look after themselves and their house, therefore they started learning two basic skills: Cooking and Handiness.

They were so determined to make this work that they refused to do anything else until they had both learned the basics of each skill.

However as the days went on they came across another problem: Money. They soon realised that living on leftover Autumn Salad for breakfast, lunch AND dinner was not going to keep them very healthy and satisfied.

Therefore they decided that it was time for one of them to get a job. Between them they agreed that a smart thing to do would be for Garion to get a job so he could aim for his life long goal of becoming a political leader while Ce'nedra stayed at home and looked after them. As soon as the daily newspaper arrived Garion rushed out of the house and began searching.

And what luck!! Halfway down the first page was the perfect opportunity. An opportunity to jump onto the Political career ladder. Granted it was only as a Podium Polisher but it was a beginning.

The next day Garion woke up bright and early and went to his first day of work. It felt good knowing that he was able to finally make some money- if only a basic amount. So that he could try and look after Ce'nedra.

He even put up with the tedious tasks that his boss set him. Such as reading a book on how to polish a podium correctly- yea like it is really that hard.

However, things were about the get tough for the young couple. A few nights later when they were sleeping in their bed Garion heard a rattling at the back door. Quietly he got out of bed and looked outside his window into the darkness. But there was nothing there...

Later on he heard another rattling.. this time at the front door so yet again he got out of bed and went to check it out. There right outside his door was a burglar attempting to break in. Without thinking Garion jumped out of the door and rugby tackled the burglar breaking into a fight. After a few rough minutes of tackling and punching Garion tasted the sweet taste of success. However the burgalar managed to jump to his feet and got away before Garion could find out who it was.

Now that the house was yet again safe Garion returned to bed to await the next day of hard work.

The next day things did not go so well for Ce'nedra, the first thing that happened was the washing machine leaking. This worried Ce'nedra a lot as she could not afford a new one and was terrified that it would break.

However, the leaky washing machine was the least of her worries. Later that day the shower pipe exploded, shooting water in the air. So she got in and started using her basic handiness skills to try and fix it. The most she could do was screw a few bits tighter and hit it a few times and it seemed to work.

Later that day, just after Garion went to work she came back into the bathroom to find that he had clogged the toilet and left it like that.

She was furious with Garion as she got absolutely filthy cleaning his mess.

She did not think her day could get any worse when she was cleaning dishes and the sink burst on her as well!

Finally after making sure that everything was fixed she quickly left the house before anything else could break. She had not left the house in a few days anyway so decided to go shopping and explore the town.

Meanwhile, Garion was having a very good day. Earlier that morning before work he popped into the local Bistro and submitted a grilled cheese sandwich to a food competition- it was a recipe that had been passed down through his family. And his recipe blew the judges away and won him first place earning him an extra £100.

The while he was at work he had a successful day and managed to impress his boss by reading the book so when he came home he had some news that would brighten Ce'nedra's day.

He got Promoted!!!

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